Figured i should do a review of my favourite film of 2007.

Directed by Jason Reitman, Written by Diablo Cody, and starring
Ellen Page
Michael Cera
Jason Bateman
Jennifer Gardner
J.K. Simmons
Allison Janney
Olivia Thirlby.

Look, skip the fucking formality, this film just kicks WORLDS of ass.

lets start from the begining.

Diablo Cody, after going from office worker to stripper, became writer, and then wrote a FUCKING amazing screenplay. fantastic dialogue, story, character arcs and just plain hotness. bigsmile.png then, rietman, the lucky asshole, gets a hold of the hottest script in hollywood, and instantly picks up ellen page, who, after see hard candy, cannot be denied the right of greatest fucking girl around. she then crafts this BEAUTIFUL, sweet, funny and-way-too-fucking-smart-for-her-own-good 16 teen year old whose "eggo is preggo" she then recommends to jason (did i meantion i hate this guy for being so good?) "The Moldy Peaches" and started giving him the songs. they then use almost of the soundtrack up with that music, and the instrumentals are even based on their sound.

now why did i bother with all that? cause all those elements, and everyone else who worked on the film (including some BEAUTIFUL acting) make for my favourite film of the year, and one of the best films this fucking millenium. see you at the oscars juno! DIABLO FOR BEST SCREENPLAY!!

oh, this was my second time around btw, and i saw it with ali, who is the greatest movie buddy like, EVER