I haven't putup a journal in a damn while. For all my watchers, that should be a good break.

First off, I caught Cloverfield with my friend, Tyler.

It was an awesome movie. The problem that people have with that movie is also a positive thing about it -- The entire fucker is shot with a handheld camera. It WILL get you dizzy if not prepared. For some reason, I was fine. The movie had a great deal of suspence.



As for school, I'm on my new semester. I'm posting this from my business class. There's nothing but seniors around me... scary. lol
(SOME internet shorthand is alright)

My classes ROCK, though I have none with my girlfriend, which licks NADS.


Between the Buried and Me is AMAZING. It's progressive metal, so might not be to your taste. But if you're like me, you'll find them tickling your fancies for the better.

ALASKA is always a song to listen to. Do that.

At school today, there was a silent sit-down protest which allowed me to skip the first half of 1st hour (this class). AMAZING! It's to get our principal back, who was fired for un-just reasons.We also have to wear black till he's back. But seeing as I wear black all the time, it won't be a problem.

Now quit reading and enjoy some Sum 41!!!