As far as the movies I've seen, such as Cloverfield, I've also caught I am Legend, AvP 2, and National Treasure 2 (Twice).

The Following will show what I think. Whether you care or not is another story.

You have already seen my opinion on Cloverfiled.

I am Legend:
This movie was fairly good. I enjoyed every minuit of it. But do I think they could have done better? Yes. The ending was quite a show, but not well thought out. So next time the writers wanna make a story, they should sit down and really think. 4/5


National Treasure: Book of Secrets:
This was the best of them all. The story was great, made me laugh enough for me to say "Yay". Caught it once with my mum and dad, once with my bro Killer along with his date and her friend. Enjoyed them both times. 5/5


Just because you have a title, doesn't mean you have to make a movie. 'Nuff said. 2/5
(Though Predator = PWN)


My School:
Aparently we made the news. Our little staged sit-in, with over 200 people including myself participating, caused quite some noise. My friends are in the video that you must remind me to show you.


Today we were supposed to skip school to add on to the protest, but I decided to come, I can't afford to miss school and have to make everything up the next day including that day's homework.

Well you read here about my music. So there is no reason repeating myself.

Obviously like you all I've finished Halo 3. I have yet to join xbox live. My cable won't reach my modem on account of location. I have to get me a 360 wireless router which should be no problem seeing as I have wireless connection.

I played Assasin's Creed. Moderate. It was ok.

As for my week:

Tomorrow, I head to the mall with my friend, Steve to go shopping for his girlfriend's birthday. He just got his license so he'll be driving and it's exciting.

Friday, I head to see Meet the Spartans with Tyler.

Saturday, I catch the auto show with my older and younger cousins.

Sunday, I head to see mine and Steve's girlfriends for cake, ice cream, and fun! I'll take my acoustic guitar so I can play some tunes. Again, he'll be driving.

Well, 'sit for now. Spartan.