Last Exile. I just finished this series. It started really really slow and got better bit by bit. By the time I was watching the final episode it was like, "Fuck Yeah! Fuck those fuckers up you steampunk fuckers!". Good times.
Thanks to a new friend that I've been trading anime with, I've also finished VanDread (pretty ok) and Black Lagoon (pretty good). You can also slap me with a silly stick and call me a woman because I also watched Chobits (pretty meh). Working on Elfin Lied (WTFBBQSAUSE) right now and I have no idea whats going on.

I loaned him Appleseed, Big O, Outlaw Star, Princess Moonoke, and Spirited Away. I figure those are all good series/movies that everyone should watch at some point.

I turned 22 on the 24th and my pa turned 51, went to Mongolian BBQ, good stuff. I still feel 6 and probably will for quite some time.

Going to Chicago in April for Adepticon , I'm in the team 40k tourney. If you live in the area come check us out, I'm on team 22, "Three and a Half Men". Who has two thumbs and came up with that name? This Guy. I'm actually running Dark Eldar (I'm betting most of you have no idea what that means) for the tourney so I should get some style points.

Other than that, notta much going on. As always, any of you can stop by and I'll show you the glories of Columbus.