So I recently found out it's possible for someone to donate a sponsorship. I've really wanted to be able to be a sponsor to RT but it seems like the odds are against me:

I'm not quite 18 yet so I don't have my own credit card. I do have a paypal but I'm currently waiting for my bank invoice, and it's not like that does any good as it is because I'm unemployed and have no money. Also, my mother won't let me use her credit card for anything online other than setting up my paypal because everything else is 'insecure' and she doesn't want her identity stolen.

Thus, I'm what I would call "Screwed out of a Sponsorship", unless one of you kind, generous, lovely RT members would be ever so kind to donate one to me. :) I would love to be able to enjoy the benefits, such as posting topics and viewing high-def material, that the ever-so-lucky RT sponsors get to enjoy. In exchange for a sponsorship, I am willing to give up any and all mod points I have to you. Right now that's only 5, but over time it will build up. My hopes rest on you, RT community, thanks so much for reading. :3