you get the new form armor or what ever its called when you beat ovan and anyways you have to beat him anyways
ovan dies as will just to save hes sister shes the ghost girl
if you dont have this game this will not help you
i got it and i beat ovan! hahaha nonthing can stop me hahaha how to beat ovan if anyone wants to know well here you go get on level 125-130 or even higher when that happens there no way you can lose to him and use both of the people who you had to use to do the tournment get them leveled up high as well because they come in handy o and to beat him when hes in that big god thing just when he shot so many black thing just hit them and when he gets stunned go fast to him and attack him then when he haves hes sheild up just w8 and w8 until he just shoots up in the air this is the best time to get him stunned and the shoots he fired will come down just becare full but when its all over he mostly still stunned when just keep doing that then when you have to do the data drain just dash and hold x if you have a ps2! or you just float and hold x you have to fire 3 or it was 2 data drains because of the sheild
when you beat the game you can have shino and the other girl wit red hair and tri-edge and the other 2 people who help aura they look like tri-edge but a big bumer is that you cant have ovan in your party