Finally got the crappy fuse box in the house changed out with a brand new breaker box. It's nice. No more running to the store in the morning because we blew the fuse in the bathroom and everyone has to get ready for work still. No more spending four-bucks-a-pop (or, in this case, per pop) for some stupid screw-in waste of time. Now I can just go out and turn the thing back on.

Next step, making the circuits in the house make a little more sense.

Now, I'm not an expert on how electricity was run back in the 60's when my house was built, but I'd like to think I know a few things (and the electrician who worked on my fuse box definitely does). For one, if you have a fuse labeled "Garage", why would you only put one stupid frickin outlet in the garage on it, and leave the overhead light and such on the living room circuit? For that matter, why put the living room, garage, and two bedrooms on the same circuit if you only have one frickin outlet in the garage on a circuit all by itself?? Why are there no power outlets in the bathroom, yet I blow the bathroom circuit all the time because it's also tied in with the master bedroom, overhead lights in the kitchen and laundry, AND an outlet in the living room? Why are the fridge and washing machine on the same circuit, but the other two outlets in the kitchen are all by themselves? And where the hell do two of these wires even go? Nothing turns off when you disconnect them!

Electrician was a nice guy, though. He'll be back in the morning - he forgot his sledgehammer. Which he needs to drive an eight-foot copper tube into the ground so we can actually have an earth ground now (which he decided to do simply because it needed to be done). He also, completely unasked, added a pullchain light on its own circuit (so I can use it later) in the attic crawlspace, and an additional ground-fault outlet on a 20A circuit right next to the breaker box in case I need it. Neither of these were hard or anything, but they certainly do add to the house.

Now I just need to get him back in here when I have more money to help me segregate these circuits a little better. Either that, or I'm going to run a long extension cord into the garage from the back bedroom to plug all my computer stuff into, and I'm going to run another one from the bathroom to the other garage outlet. I'm not above that.