Some things in life should not be taken lightly. Like allergies, which are currently killing me today; my eyes look like a racoon who is allergic to raccoons. Like sex, which can make and break relationships, as well as makin' babies. Like two tons of bricks... which aren't light and can't be taken lightly - they weigh two tons!

One major member of that list is choosing your own personal theme song. Lots of people just want to jump right in and say "yeah, that song is me", and then change it all the time. That's not the way a theme song works. You have to find that perfect representation of yourself in someone else's music. Not just who you want to be, or who you wish to be, but who you are. (aside: I wanted to put a joke right here, but I can't find a link to the stupid video I was looking for, so you'll just have to guess. Stupid internet with its "anyone can play" rules.)

There are a lot of songs on the Cowboy Bebop Soundtrack that I like. In fact, my personally-reorganized CD of some of the music is the most played CD in my car. It's certainly better organized than the CDs themselves are (why would anyone ever start a CD with something as depressing as blue?), and I like the songs I picked for it (although going back through them all, I may need to remake the CD to swap some in and swap some out). There's one song in particular, though, that just seems to fit me. One song that makes me think, "yeah, if I was walking down the street, this is the song I'd want to hear in the background," every time I hear it. One song that always puts me back in a "me" mood, no matter what kind of day I've had, or how riled up I am. A song that's as laid back as I am, yet tells it like it is and won't take no gruff from noone. On a harmonica, no less. I gotta learn me how to play one o' them harmonica things.

Without further ado, I present my theme song. A little song strangely titled spokey dokey - but if you ask me, that adds to its charm.
It's just so... me. Like, totally.