so me and my bud just randomly started talking about camel spiders and there incredible talents.
like, mad speed, incredible long lasting of being jumped on, there survival in dessert, and there ability to eat cammels, and the fact there can be extremly large!
so yes we have decided we should train the spiders.
and with there life lentgh and there speed
they will destroy any army who dares to attempt to start war.
while saving hundreds of canadian soldier.

well first on there own they would do relativly well
but then an idea hit. we would mix other spiders to make better spiders!
to join the army.
one is the Brown Recluse Spider
another is a.
Long Legged Bird Eating Venom Spider.
then animals became involed, and thought
what would be more intimadatign then a long necked spider
its breed is called Louie.
which is a field spider mixed with a giraffe
then we became greater gods.
we created a camel spider mixed with a rhino.
the greatest species ever thought of!
its a large spider with extremely tough skin that is very fast like a normal camel spider.
but it has a horn! so it is great for offense of close range.
then we thought we needed more intimadation so we thought of a breed callec Rico.
a extrmely large! hairy spider tht has a hippo mouth, yes a trantula mixed with a hippo.
so yes
me and him will rule the world! with our mutant spider army
and to celebrate yes the spiders get crunk!

my story of the night.