“There is no such thing as Anarchy. In every group of people there is some kind of pecking order. Someone to take charge and someone to follow…â€Â

-Casey Schmidt

“That’s a new one.†Kregier thought as he looked up to the lone marksman. The man pointed past Kregier with alarm. Kregier looked over his shoulder. A squad of Coalition a few blocks away. Kregier dove behind the APC just as the troops opened fire. Bullets pinged off the armor in a strange melody. The sniper opened fire. It was like a thunderclap. He heard a call of “MAN DOWN!†from the British. The sniper fired again as Kreiger leaned out from behind the APC to let out burst from his rifle. Just as he did, he heard the characteristic sound of a grenade launcher being fired. It landed in the ground right under the corner of the APC. The APC ate up all the shrapnel, but the concussion sent Kregier reeling. Kregier dropped his rifle as he fell on his ass. The sniper fired again. Kregier got up double-timed it back towards the building the sniper sat on. Kregier wondered if he had pitched a tent there and chuckled. He used a car as cover to draw his sidearm. He looked to the right down the street and saw another large squad of soldiers there. They hadn’t seen him yet, but that would not last long.

He noticed the soldiers were going the wrong way, they weren’t coming towards the shooting, they were running the other way. He also noticed the fire from the previous squad has stopped. Kregier double-timed it up the stairs of the building and to the roof of the building. It was a post office, and unsent mail littered the building. He found the ladder access. He hated ladders. Death traps. Kregier groaned. Kregier went up the ladder as quietly as he could. He popped the hatch and bounded through the opening with a grunt. He landed on his feet and his weapon was on the sniper in an instant.

“I am Lieutenant Kilroy.


// Zachary Kilroy


Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black
Race: Arabic
Height: 71â€Â
Weight: 72.7 kg



Born: Michigan, 1987
Latest known occupation: Lieutenant United States Army
Position: Sniper



Wanted for: Murder of 14 European Union soldiers. Investigating 43 murders of European Union soldiers. Rebellion against EU rule. Conspiracy against EU. War Crimes.

Orders: Capture if possible. RED Priority. Use caution. Highly dangerous.



The sniper trained his rifle on the ground in the least threatening stance possible. His skin looked Arabian, his hair was dark, and he wore digital cammies that probably needed to be special ordered because of the man’s height. He spoke perfect English, though.

“Lieutenant? You’re military?†Kregier asked quizzically, pistol still on the sniper.

“United States Army.†He replied. Kregier looked around and gave a small smirk. He did have a lean-to tent.

“Pitching a tent, soldier? Seesh, camper.†Kregier said and lowered his handgun. The clouds were darkening and lightening flashed in the background.

“Shit, this is nothing! Wait till you meet The Gunny. We gotta run, this place is up to get bombed in a few. Notice the Euro pussies running away? It wasn’t cause of your awesome fighting skills, believe me.†He replied and Kregier grunted in response. Kilroy slung his M24 rifle and fished out his handgun. “Fuck the tent, we gotta get the fuck out. Head towards the mountains, I’ll be right behind you.†Kilroy said. A jet blasted overhead. “GO!†he bellowed as the first bombs fell. Kregier ran towards the edge and not the stairs. He vaulted off of the rim of the building and sailed over the thin alley. He landed on the fire escape of the nearby apartment building. Kilroy cursed and jumped himself, just barely making it, but smacking his head on the fire escape. He cursed again.

The air strikes continued as they ran down the fire escape. Militants and people alike ran in terror. After a few very scary minutes they were out of the city and in the mountains. Kilroy caught up after twenty minutes of hiking in a large, semi-flat wooded area.

“Stop here and look really hard. See anything?â€Â

“Nothing at all.†Kregier replied.

“Good.†Kilroy said and whistled. A bush moved and got taller. Kregier’s eyes went wide and his hand went to his handgun.

“I wou'n't do dat if was you.†Kregier heard from behind and felt a suppressor on the back of his neck. “Now, put up yuh han's, nice 'n' slow like.†The voice said in a curious accent. Kregier did nothing. The bush in front of him had his rifle trained on what had to be his head. Kregier was sure he wouldn’t miss.

“I would do what he says, if you were smart, princess.†The bush said in an middle aged man’s voice. Kregier did nothing. “Right. Corporal…†the bush said again and Kregier felt a pistol butt hit the back of his head. He blacked out.