Hmm... so it seems that the lover's holiday is just around the corner... My best friend, spent his last visit here trying to woo me, with roses sweet words and heart-shaped food. I've thought a lot about how much I care for him but... is it love or more a feeling of family bonding? In his time here I was reminded much of the different ways he irritates me but also of the different ways he makes me feel as if I am an angel... unnaturally beautiful, an elevated human being.

At the same time...

I enjoy my flirtatious single life. Do I want to be tied down, or do I want to keep my wings and fly, enjoy the freedoms that come with this way of being?

None the less, over the past week or so, it seems that many begging suitors have come to me, valiant and 'willing to fight for my hand' if I may. I wonder still, when will my knight in shining armor sweep me off my feet?