Well, not yet, but Saturday. Saturday the 16th I leave for Florida to attend a conference for a piece of software we use. I don't expect to get much out of it, and I plan to be bored to tears for a few days, but they insisted I go to Florida in February, and who am I to argue with them? Besides, I got my corporate credit card the other day and I'm itching to use it the way it was intended - to buy drinks at overpriced hotel bars.

I come back on Wednesday the 20th, sleep for a few hours, then I get to drive to Toledo on Thursday. Fun, huh? I've decided that next Friday I'm just not going to go to work. They can deal with that.

Beyond that, I'm spending way too much time on Facebook playing with My Heroes Ability. Mainly because I'm lame. But I'm level 16 lame, which makes me awesome. A lame kind of awesome.