Oh joy. Tomorrow's Valentine's day. Jumping in consumerism glee. Yey.

Early berfday present from DocRossim given to me on Monday. I was waiting to make a jernal tomorrow and all, but then I figger'd, it'll be the 14th in about another hour, so why not? So check 'im out and mod him and stuff because he did a purty damn good job drawring me when there's really just a bunch of my doodles of myself and not an actual picture. smiley1.gif

Here's to year 17.

But I think I'll move it to March this year. All this crap about love and sex is just putting some weird damper on it.

Oh, and happy birthday Arizona. Now make up your mind about the weather.

Oh! Almost forgot.
Anybody got a clue on why my star decided to be a ninja star?
Cool, thanks.