I love how something as simple as a bus ride home can turn into an adventure when some asshole slams into the back of it.. Poor asshole, his car was totaled..

Besides that.. I've had a very lovely week so far.. and i'm expecting this trend to continue.. what's that word.. o.. o.. oppp... oooopti.. optimism! Haven't used that in a while.

As for this whole Valentine's Day nonsense... The first thing i'd like to mention on that subject: VALENTINE'S DAY IS BOGUS!! Let me clarify that this opinion is not based purely on the fact that i'm single.. I've never liked this day. I firmly believe that if you love and care about someone, you really shouldn't need a very cold day in February to remind you of it. Especially when all people seem to do on this day is buy candy and flowers and maybe go out to dinner. Lame. Very very lame.


I do so love horrible Valentine's jokes... . So show me what you have.. if you can find and/or make a funny Valentine -- Show me. Right now, i can't stop laughing at a classic that my buddy, Slev, showed me..:


Oh, 9/11.. we get so many jokes at your expense.