Holy crap, how long has it been since I was on here? Well, probably a few months, I think.... Or maybe longer..... GAAAAAAAAH!!!! ITS ALL GONE!!! MY MEMORY!!!! DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!......... I blame the PS3 that I bought(Yes, After saving up for a few months I got one! An it ROCKS! If you have one, or are thinking about gettin one, GET RESISTANCE!!!! ITS FREAKIN SWEET!!!) But enough about that..... Hmmmmm.... Well for one thing, My watch list has been raped from not checking it for _ Amount of time..... Well, time to get crakkin! An I AM BACK!!!( From outer space, I just dropped in to see the look on your face.......)((Oh, an ps, things between my mom an me are doing much better. She says she cant remember any of it and we think it was the new meds she started....... Geeze, why dont they ever put "May make you into Blanked out Pscycho" on the side effects?!)