No, not the song by Spineshank.

D: I'm sorry Jack, but I don't think I can "take one for the team" this time around. Valentine's Day was wonderful for me with a rose and heart-shaped box of chocolates, a wonderful lunch at a Mongolian Grill restaurant, and movies and games together but... I feel absolutely smothered. He's borderline clingy, and it's starting to totally drive me away. I feel like I need to stay far away from people right now...

As far away as physically possible anyway. Aaah, anti-cuddle! D: </3

Go away boys, go away affection! Leave me in bittersweet solitude for the time being! Pull out my hair, pull out my teeth, almost anything is better than the feeling of being absolutely stifled. smiley4.gif
Love day my ass, more like lovesick, and not the way ChroncApathy is feeling.