Seriously, don't they get enough sun here? You'd think they'd be sick of it. I know I am, and I just got here. I went to a Sonic for lunch (you know, cuz I'm adventurous like that - new town, new Sonic) and saw a sun-faded "Employees Only" sticker on the door to the building that was completely in the shade. There was no way for the sun to hit this sticker, except maybe for three minutes every morning as the sunrise shines playfully through the window of the nearby KFC and happens to send a beam bouncing directly onto this sticker - only way I see it happening. And yet, the sticker was faded to almost unreadability by the relentless sun.

Go away Yellow Face!

Airports suck. I walked in the Dayton airport this morning (albeit, not a very large one, which was good) at 6:00 am. My flight was at 8:00. I got to the ticket counter, fought with the online eticket thing (the number plastered all over my itenerary that says "confirmation number": not the right number; the weird alphanumeric mentioned in an aside in the itinerary once, however...) and finally got my ticket. Then I couldn't figure out what to do with my bag. Woman behind the counter says "I have your bag label", so I give her my bag and walk away. It's important to note that she did not try to stop me, nor flag someone down to stop me, nor anything otherwise helpful at this point. I go over, go through security (no shoes + tile floor equals TEH AWESOME!!1!), go through the concourse, get all the way to my gate at the far end of the building (cul-de-sac gate), sit down to relax, and hear my name paged to come back to the ticket counter for my bag. Apparently, by "I've got it", she meant "I ain't doin' shit" and left it where I set it without telling me anything as I walked away. I'm pissed that she didn't bother paging me before I had to walk the entire length of the airport either. So I go back down, drag my bag 5 feet to the woman who could take it (who wasn't allowed to just go get it, thanks to our lovely security procedures - fucking terrorists) to run it through the X-ray, then go BACK through security and all the way back to my gate again. Good damn thing I got there early!

That being said, AirTran is actually a rather decent airline (unless you have to check a bag, apparently). Both flights were smooth up and down, they have XM Radio receivers in each seat (which helped my mood quite a bit... I like Flight 26), and I found out that orange VitaminWater is good stuff. Only thing I slightly regret is that I barely missed an opportunity to voluntarily bump myself to a later flight out of Atlanta and score a free roundtrip ticket - old guy got there first while I was dithering. And I was, in fact, dithering. It was quite a sight.

Right now I'm in a shitty Quality Inn (Just because it's in St Augustine FL, and it's called the "Quality Inn Historic" doesn't mean it's somehow better than other Quality Inns. It's still a shithole. Apparently, "historic" means "not updated since the 70s". At least it has free internet.) doing homework (well, after this entry at least) and paying $150 for the first night (stupid redneck Daytona race thing tomorrow). Later I get to go get something to eat, by myself (which I hate) somewhere nice (which I'd like more if I wasn't by myself, but it's the only way to avoid the rednecks here for the stupid race) in my rented Ford Edge (which would be a nice car, but it's a SUV, and I'm not really a fan of those; plus, I happen to know exactly where its exhaust system came from, and that bothers me).

If you had trouble keeping up with those parenthetical trains of thought, you shouldn't be reading my journals.