Oh how I missed thee 360.
(Oh and I miss everyone here to since been off for 2 weeks.To much to read on here..you all suck ...but in a nice way smiley8.gif )

smiley9.gif My 360 back smiley0.gif Well not my first one turns out they couldnt fix the thing so now I have 360 #2. Who makes really loud fan noises which I didnt notice on #1. So dont know if its suppose to be that loud now that its new or if it will blow up any second now. Warning signs would be helpful.

smiley9.gif I bought Guitar Hero 3 smiley0.gif And addicted to it.Cant belive I waited this long to get it...now that I am playing on it so much watch #2 die.

We are going to Nationals for Synchro Skating. In Chilliwack at the end of the month so that should be kinda fun. smiley8.gif

Spent V day alone. But hope yours was better then mine.