So, here is a random small update that's probably more or less going to be about nothing. There hasn't been much going on this weekend, almost everyone on campus is still trying to recover after last weekend with Winter Carnival and all. If you are reading this and don't know what Winter Carnival is, go to the Michigan Tech website and search for it, you should find plenty on it. I am more likely recovered from it by now, but it has been a pretty slow day so far. Tomorrow should prove to be a bit more interesting with some family coming up, but it's hard to tell how much more interesting it will be. That's in addition to having a broomball game at 11am. You can look that up on the MTU website if you would like too. It's kind of like hockey, but with wooden handled corn husk brooms, a strangely sized blue ball, and shoes (still played on ice). Oh yeah and the brooms are modified with duct tape and/or hockey tape so they last longer, control the ball better, and allow you to hit the ball better.

At this point I'm just rambling as I try to pass the time waiting for my primary computer to finish re imaging off of my back-up hard drive. Long story short, I was looking for a no CD crack of Age of Empires 1 and it's expansion so I could get a nostalgia fix, somewhere in the process of doing that my computer picked something up and I don't feel like fighting it, so I'll just go back to before I picked it up. I probably should have put the HDDs on separate IDE channels so it would go faster, but I didn't think about that until after I started it. My next computer build will be SATA, so it'll be a much faster process on that one. I already have some of the parts, I just have to pay them and my tuition off before I can go and get the rest of the parts.

I'm almost done rambling, but I have to say, this is probably the longest journal that I have put on here in ages. Alright, I'm done now.