I always try and come up with something witty to put as a title for my journal. Hell, even something relevant to what the journal is about but seriously I'm drawing a blank this time.

Anyways, have been out of work for a little too long, but it's good to know I still am employed there. It's always good to have job security. Even my assistant manager has been checking up on me, keeping me up to date and actually just being a good friend. Speaking of friends, I don't seem to see them a lot. But then again it seems understandable that I am out of work so I end up thinking that I don't see them enough when in reality, I see them about as much as I did when I was working 40 hours per week. I just have too much time to think and when I think too much I let things get thrown out of proportion.

On another note, I have been playing a lot of DMC 4 and love it just as much as the other ones in the series, if not more. Given that I have a lot of time to think, I have tried putting all the games in a time line and even though I have seen multiple articles confirming the order of the games, something still seems out of place. According to the order for the story, it's 3,1,4,2. I think it's possible for it to be a bit different but overall that seems right. Anyone who's in to DMC feel free to add your input.

I still have to go and pick up my reserve of Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney for the DS too. I haven't missed a game in the series yet and I don't want to start. I'm curious how it's going to play out now with Phoenix Wright not at the helm now.

Enough of my babbling. Feel free to comment or whatever. Let me know how you all are doing. Depending on how things go over a period of time, I'll start another contest. Once I feel I've reached a good amount of mods I'll let you guys know. This one I also might need help on. Also ideas are welcome.