Hey world. Guess what?

I've got braces again. And totally in fluorescent pink bands. But they need more fluorescent color options.

Also got my bottom retainer removed. Had sparks shootin' outta mah mouth for a second there. Now my bottom fronts feel all tingly and loose and such.

Also, I hate flouride. Only because I'm paranoid of ingesting it. It's in my mouth. I'm going to salivate. And of course I'm going to swallow that disgusting spit eventually.

Also, what's the stuff of your nightmares? And or what do you think is pretty creepy and or hellish?

Now, I'm gonna go be a slacker while my teeth continue being sore like a little bitch slash feel funny for a few days.

As request'd by Ricky:

lawl, my left boob looks concave.

Oh. And the moral of this story is to not be a slacker and to wear that gawddamn retainer.
Then again, I'm not playing clarinet anymore this time around.