If I were a vampire, I would use my dark powers for a special agenda of my own. Rather than follow in a vampire covenant or clan and work throughout eternity to gain up in the ranks, I would seek my own path to power.

My first act as a vampire would be to gather enough power to survive on my own, according to my calculations, this would be a few months, or a couple of years after achieving vampire state and would keep hidden during that time by feeding on blood bags or animals instead of humans...

After I had gained enough power to survive on my own, I would then seek about transforming my closest and most trusted personal friends into vampires as well who would act as my generals, lieutenants, or commanders for my soon to be growing army.

I would spend a few more months or couple of years training them in the ways of the vampires before moving onto my next step of creating minions by having my commanding officers (my close friends) create vampires of their own. Since they are two vampiric generations below me, I wouldn't have much to fear from these minions, plus I'd have about 4 years of seniority over them, thus my powers would be more advanced.

After amassing a small platoon of vampiric soldiers, I would then seek about creating slaves or servants. Ordinary humans who would work for me through a variety of reasons, whether it be promissing to make them into vampires some day, or granting them a ranking position in my army, or maybe just paying them like mercenaries.

At about this time, my army should be large enough that I would have to worry about being noticed as well as worry about greedy backstabbers trying to take my throne for themself. In order to prepare for this, I would change from feeding on animals and blood packets, to feeding on humans. Or in the case of rather advanced emergencies or the act of capturing a traitor, I would feed on fellow vampires in order to absorb their power and add it to my own.

After my army was built up, and my powers supstantial, I would slowly begin my conquest of the state of Georgia. First beginning with small towns or cul-de-sacs and then generally working my way up to entire cities and subdivisions. Once all of Georgia was under my command, I would begin construction of my kingdom in it's domain.

I wouldn't proceed to invade other states unless they attacked first, or I managed to survive several decades or centuries to gain power. After all, anyone who has ever attempted total world domination has always resulted in failure, and Vampires would be no different.

After my vampiric kingdom had been established, I would proceed to devour the blood (and power) of all Georgia vampires who were more than 2 vampiric generations away from me, thus leaving only myself, my close personal friends (1 generation away), and their chosen vampires (2 generations away) but all other vampires would fuel my power, thus essentially making me a vampiric god.

I figure that if this plan went perfectedly as planned out, I could survive for about 2 centuries or so before the church busted down my mansion (yes I would have one) door and began burning or blessing the place, or my addiction to power got the better of me and I did something stupid like trying to devour an elder or ancient vampire after believing that my newfound abilities after devouring all my vampires would be equal to the elder one.

I figure this would be the position of my army status. If any of you are my friends, go ahead and send in a reply saying which one you would want. Remember, there is no actual proof that vampires don't exsit.

Blood King: Mine, you can't have it!

Blood Queen: My vampiric lover who would rule at my side.

Blood Princess/Prince: Not exactly my daughter/son, but would be the second in command to take the throne during my unfortuneate demise as King. Only 1 allowed, obviously due to it being second in line for the throne.

Death Knights: My 6 elite guards, the most powerful soldiers in my entire army and the body guards to the Blood King, Queen, and Princess/Prince.

Warlord: The commander of my army. Only 1 allowed.

High Death Priest/Priestess: My advisor as well as my military's head vampiric wizard. Relies more heavilly on vampiric magic than brute strength. Sorry, but there can only be one of either gender (one high priest and one high priestess)

Death Priest/Priestess: My military's vampiric wizards who work under the High Death Priest/Priestess. Like their leader, they rely more heavilly on vampiric magic than brute strength.

Wraiths: My special bounty hunters, spies, and assassins who strike as swift and silently as the ghosts they are named after.

Blood Thrall: My vampiric soldiers under the command of my Warlord.

Thrall: My human soldiers under the command of my Warlord or my High Death Priest/Priestess, or the Blood King/Queen/Prince/Princess.

Cattle: The miserable slaves to my military. They are humans who's only purpose is to feed my vampires and myself.

Blood Sacrifice: Some vampires in my army might willingly desire to feed me their blood and power, or they might get an insane idea that by doing so, they become one with my being, thereby gaining equal control over my army. These are known as the Blood Sacrifices, vampires who willingly give up their existance in order to feed my power, and my thirst for blood. Because they are suicidal, they are the lowest ranking position in my military, even lower than that of the Cattle.