Is the loss of an innocent life. My pet rabbit Skittles passed away the other day due to the neglect of those to whom she was trusted too... for three fucking days.

The situation is this. Where I'm living now, I'm not allowed to have any sort of pet without a doctor's note. When I was evicted I had three pets - One sick rabbit, one healthy rabbit, and a dog. The rabbits went to my best friend's house, where they were housed in the garage. Two months later, the ill one passed away. Because of that, the remaining bunny, Skittles, was moved into my friend's room where she could be taken better care of. That was June of 07.

Last week, my best friend drove up here for a few days to visit. For three days, his sister and father were entrusted to feed and give water to the rabbit, who was perfectly healthy when he left. When he returned home, the bunny's cage had been moved into his sister's room for some reason. It was much too heavy for her to lift herself, so her father was obviously, "doh, okay!" and carried it for her.

My best friend's sister doesn't even sleep in her own room. Why? Because it's not insulated, and it's in the basement against the frozen ground so it gets almost as cold in there as it is outside. On top of that, the heat vent is closed and she keeps the door closed. Plus, his dad is a penny-pincher so on average the heat is kept on 57 degrees F.

When my friend looked into the cage, my bunny wasn't moving. He opened the top and reached in there, she was ice cold.

In three days, those two idiots murdered my pet. I hated them both as it was, but when the level of stupidity and irresponsibility is so great as to cost an innocent animal's life, it's too much. His sister had no right to take my pet into her room without my permission, and her dunce asshole father even helped her.

I am pissed off, and hurt, to no end. How can you be so irresponsible and stupid that you destroy the life of a perfectly healthy animal in three days?! Not only that, when the animal is not your pet to hurt!!

The two of them are going to feel my hellfire wrath as soon as I get the chance to sit them both down. I don't care if I'm not allowed to come over there anymore, I've stood idly by and watched them make my friend's life hell because they only power I had was to console him and offer him my house as temporary shelter. But when that double waste of flesh and blood kills an innocent animal, who still had 6 to 13 years to live, I will not just say "that sucks" and let it go.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!


Charcoal and Skittles... I love you guys. <3