Do you, or a loved one have a penis or think you might have one? If so, you could be entitled to being sexually superior to those without one...

Penises are a genetic trait and can potentially be passed on from parent to child.

There is no cure for having a penis except for heavy surgery, but it is also possible to contract having a penis during such surgery!

Penises don't seem to have any sort of negative side-effects with the exception of occasionally collecting a large amount of blood on a daily basis which results in them becoming stiff and growing nearly twice their normal size. Luckily, this can easily be remedied by rubbing it for several minutes without the need to spend money on medical products.

Penises are known for carrying a special fluid which can cause risk of pregnancy when exposed to the inside of a vagina, this fluid is called semen, but can also be called cum or jizz...

Semen is also released after rubbing the penis is applied while it has become hard due to blood collection, but as long as it is not injected into a vagina, no negative effects are known to occur except for making a mess.

Now that you know this information, we hope you can further enjoy your penis, if in fact, you have one.