Yay I had photography tonight. Anyhow one of my friends used my camera to take pictures at last Thursdays black cloud premiere.
Eddie Spears lead actor in black cloud

Jesus was it packed that night o.O

Well anyhow today on campus I was talking to one of my friends. Some how the subject of me being annoying came up. Apparently a lot of his friends think I’m annoying. I laughed at that for a good 20 mins. I finally asked why I was annoying.. this is what he said “Lets just put it this way.. there are two types of people in the world. The kind that make smart jokes and the kind that tell jokes that everyone gets… you’re the kind that makes smart jokes†lol I laughed for another good 20 mins.
Later today I ran into one of his friends and he asked me “do you ever shut the fuck upâ€Â.. my reply “only on odd numbered Wednesdays†to say the least he wasn’t very happy with my answer and walked off.
Its been a good day.

Tonight im going to the sneak for the grudge…because I have nothing else better to do. So I’ll probably edit this again later tonight….
Well that’s it for now.
Quote of the Day- “wow I’m one step closer to my goal of the day… do you have any more friends I can annoy… I need two more to meet my daily goalâ€Â