On FARTER, I have a relatively unpopular game reviewing thing set up that nobody seems to notice. So instead, I have decided to review games over here! Now since I don't feel like typing up all that shit again, I'm just going to start off with different games.

First up (on this site) is Dungeon Siege II

At a first or casual glance, this game is pretty awesome. A little short in plotwise with a lot of side quests, but otherwise awesome. However the one major bad thing about this game is only realized after you begin to play it.


This game is impossibly difficult to beat, in fact I have never beaten it without absolutely having to use cheats! When I say that, I don't mean that the game is complex or that the game is made for expert gamers, NO! The testers for this game obviously didn't do their jobs as the game's difficulty even on the lowest setting will have your characters getting their asses kicked if they're even slightly outnumbered. Potions will drain away fast unless you fill up practically two character's inventories with the same kind of potion and skills seem to be useless as even with the techniques designed to increase my magical power reserves and decrease the magic cost for certain spell schools, my mages needed a new magic potion every 2 to 3 minutes after they had skills that reduced spell cost by nearly 40% magic and extended their magic power by nearly 38% which is bull shit when it comes to dungeon crawling RPG games.

In fact, on the final boss, my characters were maxed level on the lowest difficulty (36 for lowest difficulty) with unique and set items, and the final boss managed to kill us all in a single blow unless I used cheat codes for god mode and hacked away at him for a good 20 minute long battle, during which time he summoned shit loads of monsters.

There are four schools of combat in this game:

Melee which is for warriors and is probably the shittiest school in the game. Despite the fact that the warriors are supposed to be the meat tanks and draw in the brunt of all damage to keep the enemies off their allies, my half giant warrior died more times than ANY of my other characters who were not so bent towards brute force. Thus making this class practically worthless.

Ranged: This school is for either ranged weapons (bow and cross bow) or thrown weapons (shuriken and chakram) Which actually prove to be one of the most useful classes after you unlock their Charged Bolt skill which gives them an almost machine gun style rapid fire ability. Sadly, due to the rather pathetic powers of the Warrior, Rangers have very little to protect them in close combat and might need to constantly run away unless you have several characters leaping into the fray to distract monsters from their ranged attackers.

Nature Magic: The healer class. At first starting out, Nature Mages function as little more than buffs and healers, but as they progress, they gain skills that specialize in either ice magic, or summoning animals which can make them extremely useful. I chose to make my nature mage specialize in ice which allowed her to increase the power of her ice magic, she had one such spell that gave all my party's attacks a percentage to freeze enemies on contact which helped immensely when it came to tough batttles. Nature Mages are one of the best classes in the game but only after reaching a considerably high level of about 7 or so, otherwise they are just the wimpy healers that everybody relies on to keep their asses alive.

Combat Magic: I made my main hero a Combat Mage hoping that he could live up to his name by blowing the shit out of everyone in sight. Sadly, even though he is level 36 with practically all his spells geared towards fire as well as all his specialty skills centered souly on fire powers, he doesn't seem that tough. His Fire Bolt spell can do upwards from 400 to 600 damage with a single strike, but he tends to run out of magic extremely quick and I had to stock half his inventory with super mana potions just to keep him from running dry. Luckilly he also has items that grant him increased mana regeneration rate. Combat Mages are indeed powerful, but they tend to have a short fuse which must be replenished with mana potions constantly!

So in terms of looks, style, and plot-line, this game is amazing. But in terms of play through and actual balancing, this game is shit! So it's kind of a double edged sword when it comes to playing it.

The ending has a plot twist and a cliff hanger for a possible Dungeon Siege 3, but I doubt they're going to make it as they put very little effort into testing this particular game.