This review centers around World of Darkness, which is a story telling game much like D&D but without tables or figurines and instead told entirely through dialog, dice, and character sheets.

The full scale World of Darkness has been split into a variety of stories in which you play a different monster in each one. That's right, you are the monster, and the enemies are your prey!

Due to the vast series of World of Darkness, I have had to split this review into multiple parts, starting with 2. A which centers around the vampire story of World of Darkness.

In Vampire: The Requiem, your character plays as a vampire who has access of up to three special vampiric powers called Disciplines which he spends throughout the story training up in mastery and unlocking more and more skills that come with each discipline, up to a maximum level of 5 per discipline for 15 total techniques. However, certain actions or traits can allow you to gain even more disciplines than the starting 3 to allow for even more skills and abilities!

The character sheet to World of Darkness is nothing short of immense! You have an entire collection of special traits and knowledges that you can assign your character, and each of those has a multitude of specialties that come with it! For new beginners, this game is incredibly complex but otherwise fun once you get started.

Vampires have a slew of powers that pretty much makes them able to take over the world if they so desired, but there are a few horrible weaknesses that keep them from doing so.

One weakness is the sunlight. Not only are vampires burned to a crisp in the World of Darkness by touching sunlight, but it is also extremely difficult for them to remain awake during the daylight, they can only maintain it for a few seconds at most and even then it takes a great ammount of will. So when the sun rises, any exposed vampire will fall unconcious while they burn to death.

Another weakness is probably the vampire's biggest fear which every vampire possess and is known as "The Beast" which is their true vampiric nature. Instead of being blood sucking demons of the night, vampires constantly struggle to keep in touch with their humanity and perform as little evil acts as they possibly can. Their beast becomes even stronger the more evil they perform and eventually if a vampire completely succumbs to it, they go ballistic and start killing everything in sight and must be put down.

Vampires are also susceptible to normal weaponry just like everybody else, although their super powers combined with their ability to regenerate through the use of spending blood makes them far more difficult to take down than a human. It is almost impossible to beat a vampire to death with bludgeoning attacks, although you can still knock them unconcious through such measures.

The good news is that stakes in the heart do not kill vampires in the World of Darkness, but merely paralyze them until such a time as the stake is removed. However, while paralyzed, they are completely vulnerable to any attack and they appear completely dead due to the paralyzing effects.

One other major weakness is their thirst for blood. Above everything else in their eternal existance, blood comes first, a starving vampire will willingly tear their best friend or lover appart if they can extract some blood from them. There is no subsitute for this, starving a vampire only brings on an even more powerful hunger and if they continue to go without feeding, they can eventually succumb to the beast and go ballistic. All Vampires must feed! Luckilly, the humans don't transform from a simple bite, turning them into vampires is a slightly more complicated process. Also, in order to keep in touch with their humanity, vampires try to refrain from draining humans to death, they take only enough to survive.

When vampires in the World of Darkness feed, it is said to fill both the vampire and the victim with a feeling that is even greater than sexual climax and most humans end up becomming addicted to it and willingly become part of the vampire's cattle just to feel it. Most humans are so stunned by this euphoric feeling, that they might not even remember they were fed upon after the vampire finishes and most just think they simply passed out for nearly an hour after they recover.

Vampires come in several different clans, and while each of the 5 clans favor some disciplines over others, each vampire player is free to choose whatever three Disciplines they desire, although at least 2 of those three must be from their clan's favored Disciplines, but the 3rd can be anyone they want.

The clans are as follows.

Daeva: also known as Incubus/Sucubus, the Daeva are a clan of vampiric seducers who love to fuck just as much as they love to drink blood. It is not uncommon for a Daeva to seduce a victim, bring them home, fuck them, and then drink from them! Daeva wield the vampiric mental disciplines which allow them to either bend people to their will or draw forth an unnatural level of charisma from their peers.

Gangrel: The barbarian vampires of the wilds, the Gangrel are the most attuned to their inner beast than any other vampire clan. They are so intuned in fact, that they favor the vampiric disciplines which allow for shape shifting and the controlling of animals. Gangrel are solitary and very, very rarely travel into cities unless they have a damn good reason, and even if they do, they leave soon afterwards. Many vampires wonder how Gangrel survive in the wilds due to little sunlight protection as well as the werewolves roaming the country side.

Ventrue: Lords of the night, Ventrue are the most politically and financially powerful clan out of all the 5 clans. They are sired from greedy politicians and buisness owners who don't wish to die just yet and many Ventrue have existed for hundreds or even thousands of years due to their vast wealth combined with vampiric abilities. TBC...