Ventrue prefer the disciplines that allow for domination of the minds of "lesser" foes.

Nosferatu: All members of the Nosferatu are either unbearably hidious, or at least repulsive to be around due to a sinister aura or horrible stench. The moment they are sired, a new Nosferatu quickly undergoes changes that will leave them unable to blend in with society ever again. Due to their horrid forms or traits, they prefer the disciplines that allow them stealth as well as control fear itself.

Mehket: The Mehket clan keeps secrets even from the rest of the supernatural! They dedicate their existances to seeking out and uncovering lost occult truths which are either forgotten or hidden from the public and then keep those secrets to themselves. Mehket own a massive spy network and most vampires don't like to fuck around with them as many Mehket have often flaunted their knowledge by having information on even the slightest and most minor secrets that vampires thought weren't important enough to arouse a Mehket's interest. They too prefer disciplines which allow stealth as well as domination abilities to help extract information easier.

One great strength to the vampires is the great diversity of their blood. There are practically dozens of abilities available to the blood of a vampire, one of which is the ability to create entirely new disciplines when a vampire reaches a certain age or level of power.

Vampires can turn humans into what is known as "Ghouls" by feeding them a very small portion of their blood and willing the transformation to occur. When a Human becomes a ghoul, they don't age and they gain one vampire power which is either super strenght, super speed, or super endurance. Ghoul-hood wears off after one full month of not drinking vampire blood. But if they go for a month without drinking it, they will age extremely rapidly. For every year that a ghoul spent as a ghoul, they will age by one year each day until they have reached the appropriate age, thus if a ghoul wishes for any hope of surviving the transformation back to human state, it must be done before they reach several years of ghoul-hood or they will age to death in a matter of days.

Vampire blood is also the source for creating new vampires. A vampire must feed a human their blood and will the change to occur while the human is on the inevitable brink of death. Since Vampires can only heal injuries recieve after their embrace and not before it, drinking a human to the point of death is the prefered method, unless you want a vampire running around with a bullet wound in the chest or something like that. The Blood must be fed to the human right before they die but not afterwards, thus the process is kind of hard to perform for fledglings who don't yet have experience.

Another power of the blood is that even if a vampire does not will the transformation into ghoul status, the blood is extremely addictive. A single drop of vampire blood will have any creature in the world seeking out more. In World of Darkness, vampire blood is believed to be the most addicting "drug" on the planet.

But probably the biggest gift for their blood is the ability to enslave almost any creature capable of drinking it. If a human (or any other creature) drinks blood from the same vampire 3 nights in a row, they become subject to what vampires call the Viniculum which means they are blood slaves. They are completely bound to the vampire's will and nothing except going for a full year without drinking the vampire's blood or actually killing the vampire master can break them of the bond. Many vampires have been known to simultaneously enslave their ghouls in this fashion as well as make them ghouls to serve as minions for them, although such actions often counts as evil and brings them a few steps closer to the beast inside them.

There is only one known cure for vampirism, and even that cure may not be a 100% cure. It is spoken of only in legends because vampires have struggled for thousands of years and have failed to achieve it except for a small handful. The cure is called "Galconda" which is legend to be a spiritual awakening for vampires which allows them to cast off their vampiric form and return once again to being humans. However this so called "Cure" only has one chance in their entire life time to achieve it. If they fail the trial of the awakening, they may never become human. Likewise, a vampire who does achieve Golconda but is later sired into being a vampire again is now permanently a vampire. Even Golconda itself is not known to be a complete cure due to it's bewildering rarity in achievers, some rumors say that it simply allows vampires to cast off certain parts of vampirism while keeping other parts. Only those who actually achieve it know the truth...

Thats an explanation on the vampires. I would have done the covenants and the explanaton of their powers., but I don't think I have enough time to explain all that.