Being a yiffy furvert with slavery ranking as one of my top 3 highest fetishes next to bondage and tentacles, I have come across several types of sex slaves and slaver varieties. I have decided quite out of the fucking blue to post up a journal detailing these!

Slave Types:

Unbroken: My secret most favorite slave types, although I probably won't reveal it during a public RP. The Unbroken are fresh new slaves who have not been "attuned" to the life as a slave and constantly fight back. It's quite fun to create new ideas and RP's to break their mind into becomming your personal toy...

Tamed: pretty decent slaves for your sexual desires. They have been broken and now will fulfill most of your fetish desires as long as it doesn't conflict with their own interests. The typical slave which can be fun in most situations.

Willing: Also called "pets" instead of slaves, the willing are sex slaves who have willingly subjected themselves to slavery. Either by a certain dark fetish for being treated like slaves, or due to a secret admiration towards their masters, Willing are quite popular as slaves and will perform almost any fetish.

Shattered: Ordinarilly, during training, an Unbroken will upgrade to Tamed status in order to avoid further punishment. Some cases however, sadly result in the slave suffering an irreversible mental breakdown. They are practically mindless and emotionless, doing any fetish regardless of how dark and twisted it may be. Serving their masters is now their only goal in life. While seeming as little more than sex dolls in theory, they are quite fun to RP with if you're into the absolute domination thing. But I prefer a bit of a challenge with slaves, hence my love for the Unbroken.

Slavers Types:

Trader/Trainer: The Traders and Trainers are not actually slavers but rather people who run and sell the slave market. It is their job to capture new slaves and train them to be good fuck toys before auctioning them to the highest bidder. Traders are usually quite boring, but if you play with some form of experience, Trainers can be excelent roles.

Conqueror: slavers who also possess a very high perverted streak fall into this category. They excel at dominating their slaves in as many sexy and twisted ways as possible to extract as much pleasure as possible. Conquerors are the kinds that litterally perform that insane smile shown in cartoons when they wear leather bondage suits and carry a whip.

Sadistic Tyrant: These slavers are the kinds that all slaves fear and mostly the kind that create the Shattered slaves. They treat their slaves with no more respect than one would treat a blow up doll. They fuck their slaves and then don't care about them once they're done. They actually enjoy causing as much pain to their slaves as possible for punishment, some of the punishments not even being sexual in nature but more like dark ages dungeon torture.

Sadistic Lover: The rarest form of slaver is the Sadistic Lover. These slavers are just as cruel as the Tyrant version, but during their punishment treatments, their slaves have developed a romantic relationship with their masters. Yes, the Slaver and Slave may be in love with each other, but their roles still hold, and if the slave fucks up, the slaver punishes them harshly and almost inhumanely, only to make up for the act later through passionate sex or going out on a date..

Now then, I have no fucking clue why I decided this journal needed to be, but it's 3:35 and I'm fucking tired... so there, have at it!