. . ...that more episodes of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air were available on the internet for my viewing pleasure.

Although.. lately I haven't really been able to hear much over the extremely loud sound of my own thoughts.

And i wonder how many people on this site relate to this:


And finally.. in other news.. i've talked two of my very favorite friends into joining RT.. .

Say hi to Erin and Rob.


Also.. It needs to be widely known that Kyle is a woman...:

[04:06] CloudMX NOS: Alright, I will concede to your logic.
[04:07] vain movement: Good... I'd hate to have to kill you otherwise.
[04:07] CloudMX NOS: ...;_;
[04:08] vain movement: Ah jeez.. . Here come the waterworks.
[04:08] CloudMX NOS: *whine*
[04:08] vain movement: whiny bitch.
[04:08] CloudMX NOS: ...;_;
[04:09] vain movement: Suck it up. You woman.
[04:09] CloudMX NOS: IT'S THE HAIR.
[04:10] vain movement: Are you sure? Because it's seeming like you have an excess of X chromosomes going on there.
[04:11] CloudMX NOS: ...
Well then.