No forward this time. Right business... Dang it!

Cosplay Rundown:

So, most of the cosplay was so-so. However, there were a few shining examples.

Take a look here.


I only had enough time to go to two panels, but they were fun.

1) DC: Countdown to Final Crisis

Two senior story editors from DC Comics addressed fans in a Q&A.

My Questions:

Q)" With Scarecrow almost getting a Sinestro ring a few months ago, are we going to see more earth heroes and villains getting rings in the corps. war?"

A)" Some rings will be getting on some fingers."

Q) "Will there be another series in the vein of "Formerly Known As Justice League" in the near future?"

A) "There are no plans for those right now."

Q) "Why does DC feel the need to toy with Blue Beetle fans' hearts with his rebirth and obviously-soon-to-be redeath?"

A) "..." *No answer*

Best Part:

A man in a very good Question costume came in late. He asked only one question:

Q) "Why did you kill me?"

*Everyone laughs*

A) "Three 'o' clock, on the playground."

Unfortunately, The Question disappeared after the panel as easily as he had appeared. I never got a picture or a petition signature. It was amazing.

2) Web Cartoonist's Choice Awards

This was a rather straight-forward awards ceremony... without the recipients. Different creators that could make it to Megacon presented the awards and described the comics they were awarding.

Best Comic of 2007 turned out to be Lackadaisy Cats. I would have preferred Perry Bible Fellowship, but not bad.

There was a nice speech by a man that has worked in the comic industry for 50 years. It was almost impossible to hear him because the speakers were pretty crappy.

My Webcomic Hero:

KC Green is awesome. Read his comics at his site.

Well, that's it. Megacon was good on the whole. Can't wait till next year.