I am a vampire 100%, but there are more than blood sucking vampires...I am an emotion drainer. Those I am next to I feed off with no control...but I hae realized I am quite attracted to misery. I always knew I fed off of emotion but I didn't know I was a vampire ^_^. It's so cool. If you hae multiple mood swings, hate for humanity, and have problems sleeping at night, you may be a vampire aswell.

P.S. MyThoughts on Humanity,

Humanity is doomed to kill itself. (I can't wait to see that happen though I won't live that long) Well the reason I agree with this is not because of war...but greed. You see everything for humans involves greed. With war people earn money. When you are teased it is so that they feel happy which is their greed. There is no such thing a revenge...it is greed with aggresion...I seek to sepreate myself with humans by not thinking of myself but instead making others happy...for those who laugh at me though you are sniviling swine and I hope you enjoy your armageddon.