I have one.
He called me last night to tell me that he sort of popped the question to his girlfriend (my now former Mortal Enemy).
Well, it wasn't "sort of", since he asked her dad first... but it still surprised him.
Marriage, kids, is a disease. Not necessarily a sexually transmitted disease, but... a disease nonetheless.

I'm happy for them, especially given the fact that I don't hate her to the point that I like her.

I'm ESPECIALLY happy that they've asked me to be their photographer. Because that's awesome.
Although, I need a flash or 5 before I do that. Even though I'd much rather deal with natural light... they're planning on it happening May 24th.
Which in Washington... means it's going to be an indoor wedding.
Yay rain.
Now, I need to put my time in at work. Even though it seems forever out there in the future, in terms of schedule for work, where putting in for time off more than two weeks in advance usually means the manager will forget, and DEFINITELY schedule one for that day.

This is truly exciting.
Although, I'm slightly upset (with him) that I do like her, because it was a lot funnier to tell people that my soulmate was dating my mortal enemy. I'm happier with myself though, that I don't hate her. So, that's a double edged sword. Humor or happiness?