I know I've talked about HIM before.
We went out Friday night. Played minigolf, then went to Denny's.
Eventually, we ended up making out for three hours. I didn't get home until 7 on Saturday morning.
That's not the point of the story.
There is a mark on my neck.
Yesterday was Easter. A day I spend with my entire family.
You're probably getting the point.
I tried EVERYTHING to get rid of it quickly. Nothing worked. So, I ended up using a LOT of cover up.
Stood next to my mom's best friend's daughter, who immediately saw it
"HANNAH!?!? IT IS EASTER! You can't have a hickey on EASTER! I am SO telling my mom! Does YOUR mom know? What, are you 17??"
So, she told her mom, then made me SHOW it to her mom. Then she told lots of OTHER people, and made me show them. *rolls eyes*
My mom didn't find out until around... 5 pm, when I walked past her and my carefully coiffed hair flew back off of my shoulder and revealed it.
"You should invest in some turtlenecks... or make sure your hair stays in FRONT of your shoulder."


Side note, even though we've gone days at a time without talking, and I know that that isn't gonna change now that we're oddly defined, I didn't hear from him at ALL yesterday, which kind of upset me.