Thats right I am having a .....
Please Make Sure You READ ALL The Rules..There Important...Thats Why There There.
I Have A Number In My Head, A 5 Digit Number.When you guess a number thats in the right order it will be bolded! Each time you guess and get it wrong the mods will go down. But if someone gets 1 or more right the mods will stay the same until the next person guess and gets one wrong. Mods will start and 60 and go down from there.

Questions You Are Wondering:

Can I Guess Now?
Any time now.i]

Can I Change My Guess Or Fix It?
No Once You Have Guessed You Have Guessed.It Wont Count If Its Changed

Can I Guess?
Yes If You Read The Rules Anyone Can Enter A Guess,Friend Or Not.

How Many Digits?
Read The Rules.

How Many MODS Can I Win?
Rules Again.

I Dont Get The Rules?
Whats Not To Get..But Fine Tell Me What You Dont Understand.

If Theres More Do Ask Away..I Will Try To Answer.

So First People Guess Away..And Please Post ALL Guesses Here Or It Wont Count Anywhere Else.
Also REMEBER Your Guess WILL Be Deleted If It Past 2 Post. You have to wait till someone else post a guess.Or atleast 24hours. Come on lets get some action here smiley8.gif

example: 12345 > But its not.