I know I can never be tall, but I like to think that I'm pretty. I'm 110 pounds, but for some reason that isn't skinny. And I'm getting real sick of being a girl in society, trying to do what it takes to fit in but people keeping eyeing me, because I don’t. My grandmother is in here sixties, my aunt is in her forties, and my older sister is working on thirty. And for some crazy reason, they all want to compete with me. My grandmother picks on me because I eat too much, I’ll never be skinny enough for people to think I’m pretty. She’s always saying how she’s five or six inches taller than me and we almost weigh the same. She doesn’t mention that she goes all day without eating, and she never moves around. I seriously think my GRANDMOTHER is still vain enough to be anorexic. My aunt just hacked off both of her breasts, not kidding, true story. Now she’s talking about getting breast implants and she’s asking me what cup size I am, because she wants small, perky boobs like mine… She weighs at least 100 pounds more than I do so I’m having trouble seeing the point in that. And my sister has had two kids, so she resorted to bulimia. And when she calls, after the crying and bitching about how horrible her life is, she asks me what pants size I’m wearing to see how much farther she wants to go. It’s pathetic.
I’m not tall; I am not exceptionally skinny or pretty. And these old people are trying to compete with a nineteen year old. It really makes me sick to think how other people feel, the tall, the skinny, the pretty that almost every girl in America wants to be like. Asking for Angelina Jolie lips or Carmen Electra tits before they go under the knife. Grrrr… I hate being a woman in this society.