...that a good portion of the journals I have made consist of reviewing games? Well in any case even though I ask myself that question, I find myself here to write about two more of my gaming experiences. A few days ago I bought, Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 and I gotta say although it may not be leaps and bounds above its predecessor, it still is a vast improvement. Implementing a much needed sprint feature made me realize it was a feature I love even if i didn't know I wanted it. Sure it's been done in Call of Duty 4 recently but with the close quarters action of R6, it's definitely well placed when running from cover to cover as you would probably really do compared to jogging or speed walking as it seems they did in the last one. Also the ability to use your custom character in the story along with multi-player is awesome. It's cool to finally see my face while playing the story. It gives that feeling of being part of that action.

Yesterday I picked up Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword for the DS. If you are a Ninja Gaiden fan and also like how Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass had you do pretty much everything with the stylus then this game will be right up your alley. Personally I love being able to just slash my way through baddies and using Ninpo just by touching my Dragon Sword stylus on the screen. From what I have read though, the game is short. Being only about 5 or six hours long. I'm sure it has plenty of replay value though. Harder modes and plenty of hidden stuff to find. Also I figured I'd grab this since it bridges the story between Ninja Gaiden and Ninja Gaiden 2. Unfortunately I have to wait until June to get NG:2

Alright now that I'm done doing what I wish I was getting paid for, time for a personal update (if you guys bother to read this far or read at all). I'm well on my way to getting my car completely up and running. Tomorrow my mechanic should be coming by with a trailer to put my car in and bring to his shop. The guy has gone out of his way to come to my house and look at my car even though he works 10 hour days. So once my car is up there and fixed, that should be the final step before I get it registered and insured. I really wish Everything could have been simple...but the way my life is, nothing is simple. Speaking of which, because I have to wait for my mechanic tomorrow, I'm missing out on a nine hour shift that I was offered. That has happened twice in 2 weeks. I have been offered hour at the store and I can't take them because I have to wait for my mechanic. See what I mean about things not being simple for me? I just wish life would just stop shitting on me for once.