is a lame state.
We almost got killed by about a million deer on Friday night.
We threw my grandmother into the ground in Libby (she was cremated and sent to my aunt via registered mail right after she passed away).
We drove from Libby to Kalispel.
We went to a wedding in Kalispel.
I was asked (at the reception) to take photos for the couple.
We went to the bride's son and daughter in law's house, where I watched Shrek with their daughter (no one snuggles better than a 3 year old).
I got a phone call at 1:30ish (Montana time, which was 12:30 Washington time) from the guy I'm sweatin. It went like this: "Hello?" "Hello" "Hello" "Hello" "hello" "Hello" "saying helo a million times isn't much of a conversation" "Were you sleeping?" "Well, yeah. Kind of" "Oh, I'll let you go back to sleep then" "You don't have to, I'm awake now." "I'm going to. Good night" "Good night" *click* I got to sleep pretty much immediately after hanging up, too.
We drove from Kalispel back to Redmond, WA in 11hours and some odd minutes (including stop times like: to pee, to eat, to visit my aunt in Spokane, to gas up, etc.)
This is seriously like, the boringest journal ever.

BUT! We watched a house burn to the ground. It was awesome.