so Thursday started out fairly slow, just a normal day till the friends got home from school (Joe Kaitlyn)....needles to say we hung out...did the everything you could possibly do in pickney. we walked around town, chilled at the park, got some cold drinks from the gas station because its finally warm out!...then came back to my place watched some tv just relaxed here...a bit later..8:30 ish i ended up asking Kaitlyn out...she said yes obviously w00t!!...after that i walked her home (she lives across the street and to the left a few houses)..said goodnight then....then....then.....she kissed me!! w00t w00t!!..and that was th end of Thursday...

chillin with Kaitlyn, Joe and Heather...early evening we watched running was like the fifth time ive seen it but it was still JUST alright. about 9ish we decided to have a fire it lated till about 11:30...the end of Friday..

hung out did nothing..walked around town park drinks yada yada you can see life in hell isnt all that exciting

haha SUNDAY!!
so i wake up to helicopters LANDING ON MY FREAKING HOUSE!! well not on it but 100Ft. from it...
here is the story many of you know i live across the street from a major paintball field....heres how it went down......
some idiot decided to make a home made smoke bomb....he FAILED hardcore!! when it wen off it SHOOK my house...then i hear all the volunteer fire fighters (because thats all we have) (we dont have a real fire dept.) sirens goin off they get the the fire dept. then the 'real' fire trucks, ambulance sirens are going off (witch is just around the corner from my house) weeew weeew weeew fire trucks and all that crap gets there then TWO FREAKING HELICOPTERS!!!!11 land within 100 -150 feet from my house. my house was what happened you ask? im glad you asked....the guy who lit the "smoke bomb" BLEW HIS FREAKING EYE OUT! it was just hanging there right like hi im an eye hanging out of some guys head..also some other guys TEETH got blown out two others where hurt but not badly...then i went to church because thats what i do Sunday mornings
instead of blowing my eyes out....came home picked Kaitlyn up went back over to the paintball field the SPBS (state police bomb squad) finally left around 2:30...keep in mind this happened at 9:30 in the morning....after that the day got pretty boring lol so thats a weekend with...

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hope you enjoyed wink.png

also i was asked by windows media player to update so i did and this popped up...
i got a good laugh out of it... smile.png