I feel like there are very few people who I really talk to anymore.
My good friends have moved and the people who are still here are just as busy as I am.

Grad school is kicking my ass by the way. I seem to have completely forgotten why I did this in the first place.
I was studying in a building I'm not usually in, and there was some kind of math group meeting going on. There were a couple professors and someone who I think was a student writing out things on the white board and discussing them. They just seemed SO passionate about what they were talking about. I don't feel like I use my mind for anything academic anymore and I hate it. That and I miss feeling that way just in general or about anything, really.
The prospect of being an auditor at some point is the only thing I really have to cling to right now. My classes are fine...the people in them are tolerable at best and completely obnoxious at worst.
I hardly see anyone outside of class. Matt and I have basically opposite schedules and I have a couple friends that I see once in a while. I do like to be there for them, but that ability to just be around someone and enjoy it for what it is isn't there.
I did have a really fun time the other night with one of my oldest and best friends. That was uplifting because I have been worried that our friendship was depleting recently.
I'm just ready for a change. I need to get away, I need to really truly care about something again.

If anyone gets the opportunity or is just bored, tell me what you are passionate about, I would love to hear about it.