Re-joining a dojo has brought a whole new meaning to pain...i now am involved very much in mma, karate, muthai (sp?) and a few other forms...needless to say i kick my own ass some of the days...
i did win a few sparing matches...and i grapple with annette alot...tho i usually end up with the majority of the brusies...we counted 12 on my left arm alone...but i wear them proudly.
its fun learning all of this but frustraiting to find out that my prior dojo in WI tought me the wrong things and let some really bad habbits now i'm working on breaking them.
i have a lovely new house now with L, we share it with Robby and Annette who run the dojo we are all pretty much the same age and its a whole lot of fun. there is a siamese cat at the house...her name is stupid and sadly its very approprate.
once again looking for a new job...the marketing thing just didnt work out seeing as i put in 70 hours a week and am not getting paied for them...keep your proverbial fingers crossed for a job at Starbucks and Hot Topic...that would be pretty steller
now that i'm obvously a success at posting pics in journals look forward to some of class at the dojo once i get my camera back.
well must go watch class now...i'm on the injured reserved list for a bit as i compressed the lower part of my back, but i'm on the mend...
if any one needs a mercinary or ninja for hire i'm always here and my parents acutally do have a "back 40" for your body disposing convinence...;-)
any way have a good weekend guys
love yall