So. So. So.

I guess my last journal was four weeks ago. As it says under that last blog. Or journal. Whatever the hell you want to call it. Tabloid.

Haven't really been around; been hopping on to keep meself updated on other people's journals. Which might be a slight harder to keep up with now that sponsorship ran out haha. (I honestly hadn't noticed.)

Not that I have any other real use for it. But if you really want to, then, uh, okay. Whatever floats your ten bucks I guess.

To be honest, I should probably be working on my DA project right now since I've been shirking it off badly and I was pulled into being a crew member for a play. Which, if you've been checking to see when was the last time I logged in, I haven't really been hopping on teh intarwebz for the past week or so. That would be why.

To sum up in no real order: me was awkward with learning what costumes people dressed into and dressing them, was bored A LOT, learned a two person dance, became a velocirapter partner in crime, ran around in some awesome grass, hopped into an elementary playground, crawled into small spaces, scared the shit out of one of the actors (yes, I'm stealing some credit for this one), sang like a retard, played Mortal Kombat II and then some, helped wipe fake blood that exploded out of condoms after the show, tried on props and costumes, and some other stuff I probably don't remember right now.

I am such a productive crew member. Despite that I was lopped in two dress rehearsals before the actual show.

(I don't even take drama by the way.)

Anyhow, I guess I really should be using my time to hunt down scholarships and colleges and jobs and shit since... you know... that might be really important. 'Cept I'm just not feeling it and am having quite an awesome time of my life. Like I should. Better create them memories, yanno?

Pfft, I'm such a slacker right now.

And I guess it's not gonna help me any further to know that scholarships will be cut short and minimum wage bumped up to like $7.20 an hour. Yeah, that might be good, but it might not be if it lowers the chance for a greenhorn. Goddamn.

So I guess that's the recent update.

Back to lurking.