Dinner time at my house is when the children and I gather and talk about our day, thoughts, etc.

Well tonight my oldest son informed me that his "girlfriend" makes better baked goods than me. He's me....... "WHAT?!" I reminded him this last Christmas what a Kick ass job I did with all the baked goods (see picture in my images) and the cookies were my best to date. He still stood his ground... "Sara's brownies leave a great after taste for hours" *sigh, rolls eyes* you know... I KNOW he's not doing the nasty with her yet and but she has him by the nads with brownies no less. Can you imagine when he finally does do it, he's going to FORGET the female that has taken care of him all these years.

As if that was not enough to hurt my pride, my second son wanted to see what was out there for dessert. I remind him there's baklava in the refrigerator. He says okay.. and keeps rummaging through the cupboards. I said... "Hello...didn't you hear me?" He said yes but he wanted to see if there was something better. I asked what was better than baklava... well apparently Girl Scout Cookies are.

smiley4.gifsmiley4.gifsmiley4.gifsmiley4.gifsmiley4.gifsmiley4.gifsmiley4.gifsmiley4.gif I'm really growing less fond of the male species every day smiley4.gifsmiley4.gifsmiley4.gifsmiley4.gifsmiley4.gif