As (Cpl) Hodge sat eating his, what can only described as, chow he couldn't help but reminisce about everything he's done for the "Saviour of Mankind", its true the master chief doesn’t really need any help but when it comes down to it the guy is only human, Hodge was dismissed from his duties on Delta halo, he still remembers the day when he and other ODST operatives help clear a landing zone for the Chiefs warthog without so much as even a nod of approval. I guess that’s what it means to be a hell jumper, seek no approval and give no approval, our job is to protect mankind and to do what ever the hell it is that they tell us!

Hodge with all this still going on in his head not noticing that the rest of his squad were looking at him as he clenched his fists, "are u alright corporal" asked PFC Jefferies,
Hodge broke from his day dream to answer the private with a startling look on his face "oh yes I’m fine just abit of remembering that’s all private, go about your business", and so Jefferies turned and walked off. "You sure your ok soldier you don't look too good" said Lt Traven, "LIKE I TOLD THE PRIVATE IM FINE!!!!...*clears throat* i mean I’m fine thank you sir" replied Hodge, "Ok then the rest of you get some sleep we've got a long day ahead of us tomorrow" commanded Traven, and the troops replied in a synchronized "Yes Sir!"