So I gave blood today at the local community college that i go to, someone once described to me that getting drained of blood was an odd sensation, like being made lighter. He was full o' shit. I didn't feel any different afterwards so unless he donated six times the allowable amount he's way too overdramatic.

I did it half for the free cookies and juice, they were delicious. And i got to listen to the interesting stories of the old nurse giving me the delicious cookies, so it was a good experience.

Also in a few weeks i get to find out not only my bloodtype but also if i have gonorrhea, syphilis, hepatitis or AIDS! Hooray for me! (I'm fairly positive i have none of those for anyone not picking up on the sarcasm)

On a sidenote, when you wear that "I gave blood" sticker, people treat you nicer. It's like by letting a nurse drive a needle into my flesh and drain the life blood from my arm to assist some people i will never see and don't care too terribly much for i'm suddenly a better person. No one remembers those jokes I made about Helen Keller anymore, I gave blood!