I would never, EVER stop playing it. (OK, maybe after a week or so...non-stop.)

On that note I just wanted to let you all know that I am not a GH addict. It's fun, but there ARE other great games out there lol.

(I never did understand those youths who play "only Halo 3 and Guitar Hero". Maybe they think those are the only "cool games") I like Halo though smiley0.gif .

OK!!! Now onto the interesting story I've been trying to get to!

Today, after classes, my school had a Guitar Hero 3 tournament (5 dollar entry).
So I scored some cash off my buds and entered the medium league...
and, holy shit I won.

15 dollar gift card to GameStop. Joy!!!

The tourny was all around fun, and I could go on for pages describing it. But I'm not Direman. Bazing! XD

However I will mention this: At the Expert league finals, everyone gathered around and they played Through the Fire and Flames. 'Twas awesome. =P