Left my damned boots at the house today when I went in to work. D'oh! Thankfully, SunJa was able to drag her ass out of bed at the ridiculously early hour of 0815 and get them to me before I had to go to an appointment to get gear issued. Oh yeah. I hobbled into work this morning for PT and told myself, "No, today you're not running." Then half the other officers from the brigade ops shop ran by and started the cat calls. And so it came to pass that I hobbled another 5 miles at an 8:15 pace. Surprisingly, I feel pretty good.

So gear... Got a whole shitload of gear issued today under the Rapid Fielding Initiative (RFI). RFI is basically a whole bunch of shit you need to deploy but there wasn't, until recently, enough of it for everyone to get. So now I'm squared away. I carried my first MOLLE today. Don't like it. I'll hump ALICE any day, even though that mean bitch wears holes so bad in my lower back that the scars make SunJa shutter.

Got my new IOTV issued as well. (Official talk. Putting it back together.) Initial reactions are that it is quite a bit more comfortable than the original IBA. The belly band could stand to be improved, but it does take some of the weight and shift it from your shoulders to your hips, and that, my friends, is money. Also, it fits to the body better and doesn't bounce around as badly. It's somewhat lighter (reportedly 3lbs for the size large that I wear), but, then again, you don't wear load bearing gear or an FLC with it and all the pouches go on directly, so that's going to be one heavy mofo to throw on. By itself, it weighed in at 33lbs on the scale a few minutes ago, which seems lighter than it felt, but whatever.

OK, time to play with the kids. But, here's some pics to make you smile. SunJa and Namsuk took them out to some you-pick-it (like your nose) strawberry place and had a merry old time.

They actually got some in the buckets

At first, Carl thought he had to pick everything.

Then he settled into a catch-and-release policy for the ones he wasn't eating.

Lex is not a fan of Nate's screwing around. "Dalghi [strawberry] picking is SRS BSNS!"

One more pic

VIDEOS. Yep, that's Carl walking around.

EDIT: By the way, this guy is all balls. Pretty fucking cool.