there is.

any hoo, i really haven't put much on here of late, and so i am going to give you all an update. on everything.

smiley9.gif first up, i have become much more of a graphic designer (i make pretty pictures for a living bigsmile.png so that is taking up MUCH more of my time. like, WAY MORE. but, if you want a picture, or a logo, i would be happy to except your commission. and if you haven't seen it about 10 times already: MY DA.

smiley9.gif second, i am still alive and doing ok at collage. that is enough about thattongue.png

smiley9.gif i havfe had my wisdom teeth out. ouch indeed.

smiley9.gif also, i am running out of things to say (shock) so i will say this. if i watch you, i still read all your journals, but i am more of a lurker now. expect that to change, SO KEEP WATCHING!

smiley9.gif and finally, BORK BORK BORK.