How gloriously inappropriate. And somewhat NSFW.

Rained outside most of the day, so boo to that for ruining my plans to ride with the household criminal element. By the time it cleared up, I was knee deep in guns, cleaning everything that went out to the last few range visits. That took pretty much the last 5 hours between watching the kids, helping the kids to help me with bore snakes and q-tips, yelling at the kids not to take gun pieces into the yard, yelling at Lex for spraying Nate with CLP, yelling at Nate not to knock the dirtbike over while he was "cleaning" it, yelling at Nate for knocking the dirtbike over and getting squished between it and the workbench, etc. Come to think of it, I'm feeling kid of hoarse. (EDIT: No two-year olds were harmed during this sequence, though the thought crossed my mind. Nate managed to get pinned. The first I knew of it was when he called out, "Hey Dad, it's stuck!")

With a little trial and error, I got the Mosin Nagants apart and cleaned out still more cosmoline that's still stuck in the nooks & crannies. I pulled the 1911 apart and, wincing with each tap, used hammer and a rag-wrapped 1/4" socket extension as a punch to drive a jammed A-Zoom snap cap out. I was using it for dry-fires as I've done a hundred times before with many weapons, but the lip of the casing sheared off and it was stuck in there good. Lesson learned after I had the same thing happen with my Benelli is to go with solid aluminum from now on.

Found a set of front and rear brake cables for the LT80 on eBay, so I've got a bid on those. While I was at it, I got onto Brownell's and ordered a full basic load of Magpul Pmags and floor plates to take to Iraq, as well as bore snakes in .30 and .410 and a Pocket Pro II shot timer for future range visits and training.

I've run out of weekend time again. I meant to go out and buy a new cross-cut shredder, and run some other errands, as well as sorting through the quickly growing pile of mail on my desk. Guess it'll keep another day. Happy Mother's Day all you mothers...and motherf---... smiley0.gif