well today i hurt my self alot........ it all started in math class when i cut the inside of my lip.......... it gurt really bad and now i cant stop playin with it!!!! lol!!!

then when i waz on my way to my next class i wanted to go into the bathroom and look at my cut...... but then i ran into the door beacuse it waz lock!!! lol!!!!

then i went to class. i still want to look at my cut and i couldnt go cuz i lost my pass...... so what i did waz i waz nothing.... i didnt do my work and then i got to go!!!!! lol!!!

then the bell rang and i went to another bathroom. then on my way back i ran into my class room door. then i opened it. i waz half way in, then my friend ran into the door and it came back and hit me. and i fell. still with half of me in the class and the other part out of it..... lol!!!

after school i wanted to get a game of football going in the rain but it didnt happen....... i waz sad!!! lol!